When clients come to me one of their major frustrations has been hiring people that don't fit, or hiring people that don't stay long (which is another symptom of not fitting).   It appears to still be common-place for hiring managers to evaluate skills not fit… now to be fair most of my clients are small and medium businesses, and they just don’t know where to start. 

As part of my commitment to upskill small and medium businesses in the mysterious art of hiring I am having a FREE WEBINAR next week, titled:

‘Winning Tactics to Hire the Right fit, Every Time!’ 

Now that is a bit tongue in cheek given we are dealing with humans after all, but it is possible to minimise times ‘no-fit’ hires happen. 

In this jam packed one-hour webinar I will teach you: 

  • The reasons some companies keep on hiring the wrong people
  • What does ‘right-fit’ look like, why is it important and how to identify it
  • Effects of fit on tenure
  • Why wrong fit staff don’t perform while there or are disruptive
  • Useful hiring tools, tips and tactics to identify right-fit

 Please feel free to register and spread the word.It's on Tuesday 23 February at 10 am.

It’s only an hour and attendees who stay till the end will receive a free hiring tool. 

My experience is that Small and Medium businesses I’ve worked with have become a lot more self-sufficient in their hiring, gaining the confidence and resources to make better hiring decisions.  I’ve even had comments that ‘they’re the best employee we’ve ever had’. 

Hope to see you there.